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  1. Barracuda Cudatel 370b

    Barracuda Cutadel PBX Review

    For the past seven years we have used an Ascotel PBX and it has been very stable and served us well, however times are changing and our particular model didn't have a correct SIP integration (at least not at a correct price). Therefore, around 6 ...

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  2. Can you not see we are competing ?

    Why no legislation from the Music Industry should be passed - ever

    This "rant" has been on my Desktop folder for over over two years waiting for my site to change, it finally found its way here ...

    Who is the 'Music Industry' ?

    If one look at the relation between ISPs and ...

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  3. site refresh

    In the world wide web, no one can hear you blog.

    So over the years, I always refused to install a "real" blogging application, simply as I do not want to have to follow its security and already have enough to fill my days.

    It does not mean it is ...

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